Action Blur & Freeze

Ghost – 9/29/2010, 5:42 pm; Bannack, MT; f-22; 1.3; Canon Rebel XSi

For this picture, I used a longer shutter speed to create the blurred effect. I had my subject stand in the doorway for half a second, and then move to my right for the remaining. This allowed us to see his shape, while still making a blurry trail.

Rail Jump – 9/29/2010, 2:46 pm; Bannack, MT; f-7.1; 1/640; Canon Rebel XSi

I used a higher shutter speed for this in order to “freeze” his action.


Portrait 1 – 9/29/2010, 12:55 pm; Bannack, MT; f-5.6; 1/800; Canon Rebel XSi

Portrait 2 – 9/29/2010, 1:01 pm; Bannack, MT; f-8; 1/200; Canon Rebel XSi

Portrait 3 – 9/29/2010, 12:58 pm; Bannack, MT; f-8; 1/500; Canon Rebel XSi

For all the pictures I only adjusted brightness, contrast, and saturation.


Cemetary – 9/29/2010, 7:17 pm; Bannack, MT; f-4.5; 1/125; Canon Rebel XSi

I added an adjustment layer using levels to make the sky a little more vibrant, and to bring out the blacks more. I also used the “Dodge” tool in Photoshop to brighten the closest wooden post.

Flexible Edits

Bree – 9/26/2010, 6:06 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5; 1/250; Canon Rebel XSi

For this picture, I added a couple adjustment layers: levels, brightness/contrast, and exposure. The picture was OK in the original, but since the sun was behind her, the color from it wasn’t showing up as much as I liked. Levels helped make the sun shining on her to be more vibrant. Exposure helped lighten her, and I masked out the background from the exposure. Contrast was used to make the lights and darks more distinguished.

Waterfall – 9/26/2010; 6:02 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5.6; 1/320; Canon Rebel XSi

I made the picture a smart object, then applied a stained glass filter. I then used a mask the mask out the filter on the water and grass.

Flora & Fauna

1. Grass – 9/26/2010, 6:04 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5.6; 1/320; Canon Rebel XSi

2. Green Parrot – 9/24/2010, 10:00 am; Idaho Falls, ID; f-5.6; 1/125; Canon Rebel XSi

3. Lion – 9/24/2010, 10:35 am; Idaho Falls, ID; f-5.6; 1/640; Canon Rebel XSi

4. Lion Yawn – 9/24/2010, 10:35 am; Idaho Falls, ID; f-5.6; 1/500; Canon Rebel XSi

5. Red Flowers – 9/26/2010, 6:10 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5.6; 1/640; Canon Rebel XSi

6. Yellow Flowers – 9/26/2010, 5:51 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5.6; 1/640; Canon Rebel XSi

For all of the pictures, I made minor adjustments such as: contrast, levels, and exposure.

Blends & Type

Books – 9/21/2020; Rexburg, ID; f-5; 0.6

Lampshade Texture – 9/21/2010; Rexburg, ID; f-4; 1/80

Dead Orchid – 9/21/2010; Rexburg, ID; f-9; 1/3

For the blend edit of books, I took a picture of the books, and the weaving pattern on a lampshade. I blended the lampshade picture on top of books with “Vivid Light”. I then used a mask layer on the lampshade picture to “erase” everything but what was on the books and keys.

For the orchid picture, I used two text layers. For one text layer I lowered the opacity and applied a mask to it to erase around the orchid.

Color Study

1. Bike – 9/19/2010; 5:14 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-13; 1/60

2. Dumpsters – 9/19/2010; 5:01 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5; 1/50

3. Emergency – 9/19/2010; 4:45 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-4.5; 1/400

4. Handicapped – 9/19/2010; 4:50 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-10; 1/200

I chose blue probably because it’s my favorite color. Also, I knew there weren’t a lot of blue items around the area so it would make it a little tougher. I edited the pictures a little, such as contrast and increased blacks.

Past Photos

Ordered from top left to right.

1. White Fence – 6/21/2008; 2:04 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 4; 1/1600

This was a fence leading to a pond close to my house. I positioned myself right next to the fence in order to see it’s length. I Increased the contrast and saturation of the colors slightly.

2. Nail in the Fencepost – 12/25/2008; 4:18 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 5.6; 1/100

This was an old fencepost I found by some trees. I held the camera just a few inches away in order to see the detail of the nail and fencepost. I only made a minor increase in contrast for this photo.

3. Lone Water Lily – 6/21/2008; 2:21 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 4; 1/800

This small pond has lilies that bloom during the summer. I used Lightroom to increase the blacks, contrast, and vibrancy of the colors.

4. Red Flower – 6/21/2008; 2:19 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 4; 1/1000

This flower is in front of my neighborhood in a garden. The hills here are brown during the summer, and I liked the contrast between the color of the flower and fields. I increased the contrast and saturation.

5. View from the Deck – 6/21/2008; 1:42 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 4; 1/500

This is another shot of the pond by my house. I took this from on the deck of the pond. I wanted to get a close-up of the warped benches, while still seeing the background. I used Lightroom to remove all color but some green trees in the back, increased blacks, and increased contrast.

6. Water Lilies – 6/21/2008; 2:18 pm; Catheys Valley, CA; f – 4; 1/500

I made no changes to this photo.