Night-time Temple – 11/10/2010, 9:56 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-10; 5 seconds; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Trunk – 9/29/10, 2:09 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-5; 1/13; Canon Rebel XSi.


For both of these, I used a mix of the magic wand and quick selection tools. I used those to make the general selection, then I used the lasso tool to make smaller adjustments to the selection. Once I had a selection, I filled it with white.


Poster Print

1. Rexburg Lillys – 24×36
2. 9/26/10, 5:04 pm; Rexburg, ID
3. Canon Rebel XSi, Manual, f-5, 1/320
4. Adjusted brightness, contrast, blacks, and saturation. Also used the editing brush in raw to saturate the flower even more. After the colors and brightness were to my liking, I cleaned up the picture. There were hard water spots on the leaves that made them look kind of ugly. So, I used the brush tool on a low opacity to give them a more smooth and clean look.
5. When I was deciding on the picture I wanted to use, I knew I wanted something that I could put up in my apartment. I had some pictures of the zoo animals I liked, but I figured I didn’t want a roaring lion in my living room. That’s why I chose this one. I already have other pictures up at my place of plants, so I figured this would fit in well.
Close-up shots have always been my favorite. I find myself shooting most of my pictures like that. I just really like to see detail on objects that you normally wouldn’t notice. I had to get really low to get the picture, I was about 6 inches off of the water to get the angle.


Doorway – 11/2/10, 2:02 pm; f-18; 1/13; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Skeleton – 11/2/10,

To combine the two, I masked out the skeleton onto the doorway image. I then rotated the skeleton to get him more like he was peeking around the corner.

Photo Journal

Xbox – 10/29/10, 2:58 pm; f-5; 1/13; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Candy – 10/30/10, 11:53 am; f-5.6; 1/3; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Cooking Chicken – 11/1/10, 10:21 pm; f-5.6; 1/60; Canon Rebel XSi.

Tie in the Mirror – 10/31/10, 10:09 am; f-4.5; 1/8; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

For this one, I positioned the camera at an angle from the mirror. I put it on a timer, then stood at the opposite angle from the mirror and looked at the camera, to get a view that looked from straight on.

Headphones – 10/28/10, 2:34 pm; f-5; 1/25; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Commando – 10/27/10, 4:44 pm; f-10; 0.6; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Just have to mention… Commando is one of my favorites.¬†Ridiculous¬†80’s movie with cheesy acting and dialogue.

Watching TV – 10/26/10, 5:08 pm; f-5; 1/15; Canon Rebel XSi.


I slightly modified the layout of Sister Esplins original template to adjust the the kinds of pictures I took (I had more landscapes). Because of that, I had to move the text and some other photo boxes around to fit just right.

To get the pictures in the “frames”, I used a clipping mask. Basically, you have your template, and each “frame” has its own layer. When I put the picture I want to use on top of the desired layer, I ctrl+click between the two layers, and it creates a clipping mask. This lets me move around the picture, while keeping it inside the frame. This also makes it easier for future uses, if wanted, so I don’t have to make the template over and over. All I would have to do, is grab another picture, put it on top and ctrl+click between them.

Edge Edits

Tiger Vignette – 9/24/10, 8:12 am; Idaho Falls, ID; f-5.6; 1/160; Canon Rebel XSi.

For this picture I just added a slight vignette to bring out the subject more.

Bree Burned Edge – 9/26/10, 6:05 pm; Rexburg, ID; f-4.5; 1/250; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

To make the burned edge effect, I copied the original layer and blended it with multiply. I then selected the box on the copied layer, and deleted it. Further, I made another layer, still with the same selection, and added a white stroke to it.

Brushed Edge – 9/29/10, 1:06 pm; Bannack, MT; f-8; 1/500; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

I added a angled brush stroke filter to the image. Then, I used the brush tool to take away parts of the images and create a “painted” look.


The first picture was one scan of the items arranged. The second picture is a collage of the remaining pictures. I got the white lines by waving my phone over the scanner as it scanned. For the books and keys, I would repeat and rotate them to get the desired effect.


Jordan_Emily1 – 10/17/2010, 7:51 pm; f-7.1; 1/15; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Jordan_Emily2 – 10/17/2010, 7:45 pm; f-5.6; 1/13; Canon Rebel XSi on tripod.

Bree_Reading1 – 10/18/2010, 4:38 pm; f-6.3; 1/80; Canon Rebel XSi.

Bree_Reading2 – 10/18/2010, 4:35 pm; f-7.1; 1/200; Canon Rebel XSi.


All of these pictures were taken indoors. Because of this, the lighting wasn’t very good. For the first two, I actually had my wife stand across the room and shine a flashlight on their faces to not get as dark of shadows under their eyes. All pictures had a levels, brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation changes made. I used the brush to touch up the faces on all of the pictures, also. Then to finish, I added a vignette on all of the pictures.