Poster Print

1. Rexburg Lillys – 24×36
2. 9/26/10, 5:04 pm; Rexburg, ID
3. Canon Rebel XSi, Manual, f-5, 1/320
4. Adjusted brightness, contrast, blacks, and saturation. Also used the editing brush in raw to saturate the flower even more. After the colors and brightness were to my liking, I cleaned up the picture. There were hard water spots on the leaves that made them look kind of ugly. So, I used the brush tool on a low opacity to give them a more smooth and clean look.
5. When I was deciding on the picture I wanted to use, I knew I wanted something that I could put up in my apartment. I had some pictures of the zoo animals I liked, but I figured I didn’t want a roaring lion in my living room. That’s why I chose this one. I already have other pictures up at my place of plants, so I figured this would fit in well.
Close-up shots have always been my favorite. I find myself shooting most of my pictures like that. I just really like to see detail on objects that you normally wouldn’t notice. I had to get really low to get the picture, I was about 6 inches off of the water to get the angle.
  1. One of my favorites

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